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This article is to cover the use of marketing services similar to adsense. While I will cover these with information with retrospect to Pakistan they should hold true for most countries with a few exceptions. Currently there is high demand for adsense and its ads placements in Pakistan. From my recent interactions with bloggers and eCommerce websites its evident that a vast majority of Pakistanis are producing great content that is being ranked really high and driving in authentic traffic. Similarly I look at the other end from marketing stand point of view this is great not just for international searchers but also for local searchers. In regard to this I have also seen many new bloggers trying to get into this field and make money. While there is real competition I would like to highlight a method that might go hand in hand and help both the marketing company and the bloggers by using services similar to adsense.

Marketers & Advertisers :

Currently people in Pakistan resort to ubl wiz cards or prepaid cards because its just very difficult to understand how adsense works. Most people dont even know the keywords they want to search hence they tend to stay away from adsense and turn to facebook marketing. While facebook is good to get your products viral I personally believe that adsense is better marketing platform and should eventually generate more results then facebook advertising.  A similar platform by the name of a-ads. There are many other similar platforms available but I will pick this one due to its anonymous nature.

For a eCommerce or retailer or any new startup its quite difficult to have a high budget to market on high ranking websites so services such as adsense, a-ads or facebook present a low cost high turnover return reward possibility. Now the question that might comes to ones mind is why a-ads and not adsense? To answer that let me get into a bit of detail. Adsense requires high traffic websites inorder for them to be approved and get paid. While this makes sense for most people going through the entire setup for a businessman who is just looking to run a new or an old setup becomes quite confusing and hence he has to resort to either hiring someone and paying them to do this work for him. With this setup comes risks and rewards. People tend up putting their credit card numbers and details onto google server for their employees to use for marketing their products. This has its risks. Which in my opinion are very high. This reason and the fact that bitcoin is anonymous like a-ads is why I prefer putting an ad campaign which is much simpler doesnt require information and you can simply deposit funds in bitcoins so that your personal data is secured and not sitting on remote servers.

A-ads has been around since 2013 so its not a new website. I believe their fees of 20% is a bit high but for a small setup that is reasonable. If you accept bitcoins I think this is the best way to market your products since this will mostly please the btc community generally. If we look at Link  we will see:

Selected category gives ~773551 impressions per day and includes 4503 ad units.
CPM: 0.00154157 Ƀ ($0.40), CPC: 0.00002542 Ƀ ($0.01)

This shows that displaying your ads on a-ads is relatively cheap against if you were to use facebook ads or adsense. This is the added advantage. To add to this its also known fact that most people dont generate sales in btc unless there is a discount involved. So even if you do accept btc doesnt mean you will generate too many sales. But you will be able to market your product to the world and very low costs with the same btc you are earning. Is this all worth it. Well it doesnt hurt trying.


The question is why use this if you have adsense? Well for once it doesnt matter which type of blog you have as long as you generate some kind of traffic you will get paid. Lets be honest here I did a test and have integrated a-ads here and while I am not going to be earning much I am going to be making something. The setup is such that I hardly get around 20-40 people daily in total from and and I am still able to generate small amounts of income. While this might not be big its better then nothing and ads out to atleast cover the cost of the domain and blogs after a year. This is based on my current earnings for around 2.5 days that I see this happening. Since I pay for my domains and hosting in bitcoins through namescheap it makes the cycle or well worth it. The one thing to note here is for people who would want to replace adsense with a-ads while it doesnt really make sense if you are earning higher amounts there is one advantage you will have over adsense, that is payment through bitcoin which can be cashed out at better rates from urdubit as opposed to using direct bank transfer and services such as western union.

To wind up this I believe that a-ads is a good alternative to advertise and market your products anonymously and without much risks. Additionally marketers and advertisers have a cheaper solution to market their products on low budget websites and still be able to generate sales. Most ads dont get direct sales but do generate an effect in which the customer is reminded of your services and return once they need the product. I would like to suggest for everyone to give it a go.  Would like to invite Bloggersadvertisers and marketing experts to review a-ads and other such services to help freelancers grow.

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My Hotel Bookings With Bitcoin for Turkey

Most of the times people use bitcoins for trading or store of value purposes. Often even the people who have been using these in exchanges to trade havent really used bitcoins to make purchases in day to day life. One might ask “what is the point of buying bitcoins just to use them to make purchases?” The answer to this question lies within how you are able to acquire bitcoins and at what price. In this blog I will lay out how I went about buying bitcoins in Pakistan then using them to purchase hotel bookings on the go from Expedia while on my trip to Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya). Not only was it a great experience it made me realize the true power of the technology that Satoshi Nakamoto was able to bring forward. Many people talk about how blockchain the underlining tech running over bitcoin is what’s more important to them I say use bitcoin once and you will realize why bitcoin is what it is.

Buying the Bitcoins:

This was fairly simple I deposited funds in urdubit and put up buy orders at a bit lower then market rates. I was to buy them at around 101 to the dollar. What that means is if I had purchased USD directly from the market it would have cost me Rs. 101 = $1. If I had purchased the USD directly which I had to go through a local exchanger it would have cost me Rs.102.50 which is around 1% over charge. The risk of carrying such huge amounts in cash just to pay for hotels has its own risk plus the limit imposed of not carrying more than $10000 per person was also a problem. The other option I had was to use a credit card. I used agoda to book my first hotel for 3 days if I remember correctly in Istanbul and paid with credit card to see what the cost difference was. The charges were as follow:

102.50 Market Rate + (3%) Bank Charges * $400 Cost of hotel for 3 days = Rs42230

After purchasing this I was still a bit reluctant to use bitcoin as I was scared. The other advantage I had in using bitcoin was that no credit card details or information would be sent to Expedia while it being a secure platform it is still not unhackable. Still a bit scared I went a head and pulled the trigger purchased the bitcoins from urdubit and made my first purchase of a hotel on Expedia (I can’t thank them enough for what they are doing)

So here is the breakdown of the above receipt:

Rs.101 * $959.80 + 2Rs (Btc transfer fee roughly) = 96941.8

Same calculation if I had done with Credit Card:

Rs102.50 + 3%(bank charges) * 959.80 = 101330.885

Instant saving of Rs 4389.085

The whole process was a lot faster than credit card as most banks require us to call the bank firs tell them that we are making an online purchase get the card activated and then have to enter a lot of information such as address, phone number card details etc, with bitcoin purchase, Expedia redirected me coinbase payment gateway and it asked me to pay equaling amount in bitcoin. While I don’t recommend paying from an exchange directly I added the withdrawal fee of bitcoin from Urdubit which is 0.0001 btc which I mentioned (rs 2 at the time of the purchase) and sent the btc to coinbase. The coinbase receiving address was active for 15 mins. One of my fears was what if the address expires before confirmations. To my delight the payment was accepted on 0 confirmations. The booking was held until the network confirmed the payments to coinbase however and I received a confirmation email that the invoice had been paid and my hotel booking is done from Expedia in about 30 mins. The screen shot of the receipt is attached above.

Now lets be honest here, this above booking was for a wonderful resort in Izmir and I would defiantly recommend anyone to visit this resort, I was still fearful what if the hotel goes we wont accept this books? So I didn’t book rest of the hotels at that point. And I decided to travel to Turkey with these 2 bookings and book the rest when I get to Izmir and checkin.

After my wonderful stay at Istanbul I took a flight from Istanbul to Izmir. I was easily able to check into the resort without any problems. The resort itself was magnificent with 2 private beaches, a private water park and a whole lot of other activities. The package including full food and all activities so I didn’t have to pay a dime. The first thing I did after this experience was to book the next hotel with bitcoin in Antalya and then another in Istanbul as my flight back to Pakistan was from Istanbul.

In conclusion I would like suggest to everyone who use bitcoin to use bitcoin once to make payment for their purchases and they will realize its power especially cross boarder payments are bank free, fee free and its almost stupid not go the bitcoin route if booking directly. The one thing I would please request is for expedia to start accepting bitcoins for flights and car bookings too. Thank you Satoshi Nakamoto and Expedia for making this possible and much lower rates.