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CPU Mining
Note: From this Post onwards I would like to make a few things clear. CPU mining bitcoin or sha coins is useless and waste of power and same goes for scrypt and pretty much all other algorithms out there. I do not take responsibility for any mishap or breakdowns this may or may not cause.

Getting Started:
For the purpose that I believe most people will be new to this we will use windows os and we will be using gui miner. I will not get into sha because you will pretty much see nothing and hence it will create alot of questions. Also take note that I am aiming this article/tutorial for the newbies so I will recommend using a gui interface as many fear the commandline. Additionally I will be teaching how to mine x11 based coins such as darkcoin or drk, ltcx or litcoinX, ureacoin or uro etc on a pool that converts them automatically to ltc.

Why use a pool
As I mentioned before there are a limited number of coins available for each coin(there are some coins like doge that have unlimited coins) and as the competition heats up its harder to solve blocks( or mine new coins). Therefore its better mine in a pool where you get paid for your share of work when a block is found. For this purpose we will be using ltcrabbit. At this point I would simply ask you to go and register at the link.

Adding a Worker

After logging into your account please click on “My Account” followed by clicking on “My Worker”.

This will take you to the following screen:

CPU Mining


Under the title New worker please create a worker the password here doesnt really matter. The best way to about this is to name your worker name x11 since we will be mining x11 coins and the password you can put anything for us to continue here I am going to assume you put the password x.
The format for mining here now will become accountname.workername. Where account name is your ltcrabbit account name.

The Cpu Miner
You can download the cpu miner from my dropbox account. After you download this please unzip it.

Running the Miner
If you have followed the above setup right you should be be ready to run the miner. Now go to the folder that says where you unzipped your miner. Now double click on a. A command prompt should open up such as the one on bottom:



Let it run for like a min or 2. If you see no hashing or dont see a yay after a bit then you did something wrong and should go back up and follow the instructions from the beginning.

But wait you are not done yet this was just a test. What you now need to do is close this window. And open up a the unzipped folder again and click on a once and then right click on it and select edit as follows:



when you select edit please chose notepad to open this file. It will contain the following lines


minerd -a X11 -o stratum+tcp://x11.ltcrabbit.com:3332 -u dmz241.x11 -p x

Here you have to change this

minerd -a X11 -o stratum+tcp://x11.ltcrabbit.com:3332 -u accountname.x11 -p x

Please take note that initially when I had you set a worker I suggested you name your worker x11 if you name it something else then please put accountname.workername -p x where -p is followed by the password which I suggested you keep x .
The idea here is to have multiple workers if you have multiple cpus running. This way you can monitor your workers. Please save this file while saving please make sure you save it as all files and not txt files else you wont be able to double click it to run it.

Now just double click on the a file and you should be mining at your account. Please take note that the minimum payout is atleast 1 ltc. The advantage of using ltc rabbit is that it see which coin is easier to mine and giving better payouts when converted to ltc and mines that coin. So you will always mine the most profitable coin.

You will need a wallet address for your coin I have mentioned how to get that in my previous article for bitcoin. For litecoin the best way is to just make an account on an exchange like btc-e or bittrex and use their wallet address as your payout address.

Happy Hashing.

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