Bitcoin Acceptance in Pakistan Moving Forward | Bitcoin Pakistan

Its been a great week with urdubit picking up trade volume. And now a new website a2zlawn opening its door to welcome bitcoin acceptance in Pakistan for designer and Replica stores. While the awareness about bitcoin is not up to par in Pakistan, we are seeing new users come onboard.

Pakistan I believe is a land of opportunities bound and held back due to lack of knowledge. New start-ups lack funding great ideas get shot down time and again. What people dont realize is that with bitcoin the world is now open to them. And in due time it will be the currency of choice. Sites like bitlancerr , onewallet are popping up everywhere and making it easier for Pakistanis to tender their services and get paid without boundaries. At present I am also in talks with to introduce bitcoin acceptance as they are very interested.

Going forward what we must all realize is that bitcoin is here to stay and will grow in due time. What I look forward to see is that people accepting bitcoins like they accept PKR.